April 1, 2021

The struggle between IT security and cyber-attacks is a constant and unending battle. There will always be people trying to illegally access and manipulate data, and thus, there will always be a need for security measures in place to protect that data. Like any battle, the upper hand is gained (at least for a moment) when new technology and strategies are implemented by one side or the other. However, one factor remains the same throughout the struggle – the human factor.

In fact, the human factor has proven to be the weakest link in the chain for IT security measures. Cyber attackers know that it is far easier to trick an unsuspecting employee rather than force their way past complicated, state-of-the-art security systems. Many of the most well-known cyber-attacks were successful due directly to the unreliability of the human element in IT security – attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment, Target, the US Office of Personnel, and the UK’s TalkTalk are a few examples.

Therefore, security awareness training is critical for your business or organization, and this training cannot be done just once or twice before calling it quits. Like the rest of your security measures, security awareness training must be maintained, updated, and tested repeatedly to keep your employees at the proper levels of knowledge and training necessary to prevent cybercrime that preys on the human factor.

But who has enough resources for all that upkeep while running a business? It is a very time-consuming process, regardless of its importance.

That is why Movaci is primed and ready to take on that responsibility for you. Movaci has put together the Information Security Training pack with the specific intention to make the process easier on your business and your employees. This is not a one-time training course. This is not even a one-time-per-year training course. Movaci’s training pack focuses on cyber awareness security training that changes the attitudes of your employees toward security in the long-term while also promoting continuous, cultural and behavioral changes within your organization overall. It takes time, patience, and dedication to shift your employees onto the right track and maintain course toward having a truly secure IT environment, and Movaci is here to help you accomplish that.

This training in awareness and security information is intended to be continuous and motivational in order to keep the messages of IT security fresh in the minds of your workers and staff. The ongoing training also ensures that new employees are not excluded due to high turnover rates. At the same time, the training is also tailored to be simple and relevant to each person’s role in the company, so that workers don’t experience apathy and burnout.

Movaci’s Information Security Training pack can either be used standalone as basic cyber security awareness training, or it can be used as a supplement for any other information security training program that you are using. The pack is designed to provide in-depth reviews of the following topics, and each section provides tools and key information to help the end users know what do in order to keep their hardware and data secure.

  • Data Privacy Act
  • Email security and passwords
  • Social engineering and oversharing
  • Mobiles and smart devices
  • Updating your life
  • Safe and secure file sharing
  • Cyber safety for kids
  • Surfing safely and other tips
  • Coffee shop and WiFi
  • Safe surfing
  • With lots of additional free resources

We hope you will consider this great opportunity from Movaci – to not only protect your IT data by bolstering the weakest link in the chain, but also, there are so many extra benefits and skills to be learned from the pack that we offer. Your employees will gain significant understanding in email and password security, how to surf the web and share files safely both on PCs and mobile devices, and how to traverse the minefields of public wi-fi, social engineering, and the oversharing of personal information online.

Ultimately, the greatest benefit is the growth in awareness that you will see throughout your organization’s entire ecosystem. You will truly be developing a culture of information security awareness, thereby strengthening your IT security’s weakest point – your own employees — a blind spot that many companies aren’t even aware of or have thought much about.

Take advantage of Movaci’s Information Security Training pack today. Contact us at Movaci’s Training Service.

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