The benefit of Multi Factor Authentication

November 16, 2021

As Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) continues to be a main topic in conversations about online security, we at Movaci want to offer our thoughts and expertise on the matter. We hope this blog gives you new insights into the importance of MFA efforts and galvanizes you to integrate it more thoroughly into your daily online activity.

First of all, what is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Think of it as multiple proofs of your personal ID. It’s not farfetched to imagine someone forging or stealing one of your forms of ID, but two? Three?! The more ID required to prove who you are, the less likely it becomes for an identity thief to take advantage of you. That’s the principle behind MFA. Someone might figure out your password, but how likely is it that they also swiped your phone and have a way to pass a biometric check?


The more forms of ID required, the less likely someone can use your user profile to access private data.


And that’s a very important thing because…

According to Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report, which was just released in October, 70% of all data breaches discovered were due to phishing tactics. MFA directly counters those phishing attempts by making it very difficult for cyber criminals to collect all the data needed to access a site or network as “you.” In fact, MFA is included in what that report labels as “basic security hygiene,” which Microsoft claims protects against 99% of all cyber-attacks. That makes sense since MFA is directly responsible for stopping phishing attempts, which make up the bulk of the threats on the Internet.




Why don’t people implement MFA?

Of course, a truly excellent security service is not only great at keeping the cyber criminals out, but it is also convenient and accessible for the user. Here lies the main objection against MFA technology because…

Users find it to be a hassle to authenticate themselves to a site repeatedly, day after day, with no end in sight. Beyond it being a simple hassle, it can become downright frustrating and annoying over a long period of time due to the repetition of the action, spanning over multiple sites that a user might visit on a daily basis.

We here at Movaci would like to address that objection with two points

#1: We have many “hassles” in life that we put up with because we know the benefits outweigh the frustration level. 

Consider the time you spend brushing your teeth – that’s three minutes of scrubbing them clean in front of a bathroom mirror, every day, multiple times per day…for the rest of your life! What a hassle, right? But we all do it (or should be doing it) because we know the importance of good dental care, not to mention we want friends and family to enjoy being around us.

MFA is like that. The benefits far outweigh the hassle.

Okay, but you might not agree with that professional opinion. Maybe you’re not won over yet. But consider the following…

#2: MFA is a technology that continues to be tested and tweaked for the better. 

It’s a sure bet that at some point in the future, MFA processes will become a lot less inconvenient for users; meaning, all the present annoyances that you put up with right now could be more temporary than you expect. This is a technology that definitely works, after all, and its future looks bright. Why not wait it out for the time being? Sure, it can be a hassle, but it’s protecting your identity from countless forms of malware lurking out there.
With that in mind, we’d like to state it to you plainly

It’s time for MFA

Embrace it as a strong component of online security.

Integrate it into your daily routine.

Accept it despite the temporary annoyance you may feel for it.
There simply isn’t a better option to protect your identity against the never-ending phishing attempts by cyber criminals.

And here’s one more thing we are excited to share with you — to help test your knowledge of password protection in general and to demonstrate the importance of strong passwords and MFA integration, we have created a friendly, quick quiz for you to try out. Give it a shot here, and see if you can ace it.

Take our quiz to find out!

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