Secure Hosting Products

Movaci’s Cloud Solutions provide you with secure and reliable tools for your communication, organizing, and storage of important information.

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Secure Email

Movaci Secure Email provides a comprehensive secure email communication solution for individuals and organizations.

Our secure mail services provide you with complete privacy protection through the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS), used to encrypt your email in transit as well as a two-layer spam and antivirus filter to protect your mailbox.

Secure Storage
Email Aliases
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SafeNet VPN

Movaci SafeNet provides end to end secure web access and real time communication security. The latest in cutting edge secure VPN technology provides you with a fast, secure channel of communication no matter where you are.

SafeNet is designed for individuals accessing the Internet from insecure Internet connections, such as public wireless or from countries with restrictive Internet filtering systems. SafeNet provides a secure, obscured VPN tunnel between your computer and our secure servers located in Asia and the US.

Concurrent VPN Users
2 Users
Global VPN Access
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Secure Hosting

Movaci supplies Secure Web Hosting services from our US and Thailand based data centers.

Our secure web hosting services are designed for individuals and organizations that desire a public website and email system that is protection focused. Movaci’s highly secure servers are PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant and follow strict data management, isolation, and encryption protocols to keep your website spam-and-virus-free and constantly online.

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Movaci Exchange Services

Plans & Pricing
Secure Email Space
2 GB
50 GB
100 GB
Anti-Spam /Malware/ Phishing
Attachments 150 MB
In-Place Archiving
ActiveSync for Mobile
POP3 Support
Exchange for Outlook
Private Domain Option
Movaci Service Desk Support
Email Domain
Basic $32
Standard $63
Advanced $125

Cloud Services


SafeNet VPN

Movaci SafeNet is a VPN service designed for individual and business travelers. SafeNet provides privacy and data protection for your Internet traffic on the go and offers both SSLVPN and WireGuard VPN connection options. Our VPN access gateways are located in the US (Seattle), the UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt) and Japan (Tokyo).



Movaci NextCloud puts your data at your fingertips and under your complete control. NextCloud allows you to securely store and share your documents, calendar, contacts, and photos on Movaci’s private servers located in the US and Thailand. This service includes secure, encrypted data storage, client software for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple iPhone and Android, as well as a robust, highly secure web interface where you can centrally store and manage all of your information.



Movaci MailGuard is a powerful email security solution designed to help protect your email servers against spam, phishing and malware threats the moment they appear. MailGuard consists of a two-tiered antivirus-engine, spam filtering gateway, innovative messaging tracking center, high-availability clustering system and more to detect trojans, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats. MailGuard is compatible with all major on-premises and hosted email solutions, including Microsoft Exchange Online.



Movaci BorderGuard is a next-generation firewall solution which provides a responsive and intuitive browser-based interface that gives you quick visibility of all traffic on the network. From content filtering to advanced threat protection and from VPN connectivity to application-based shaping for bandwidth optimization, BorderGuard delivers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade network security platform for organizations in every industry.


Cloud VPS

Movaci Cloud Servers provide stable, fast and secure virtual servers that are private and can run either Linux or Microsoft Windows. Based on Movaci’s high-availability KVM and VMware infrastructure, our Cloud Servers product has been designed with security and redundancy in mind. Regardless of the type of workload you plan to run on our Cloud Servers, be it a website, SQL database or other custom system, the Movaci Cloud Servers are monitored and maintained by our professional technical team around the clock


Remote Desktop

Movaci Remote Desktop solutions can be designed for either individual or business use in mind. Remote Desktop subscribers can run all their company software (Microsoft Office, databases, accounting packages, etc.) online instead of from their local computers. This guarantees a high degree of system performance, absolute security, and access to everything on your computer from anywhere in the world. The cost is fixed per employee and paid monthly.


Connect VoIP

Movaci Connect is a Voice over IP based phone system (VoIP) that is available in the cloud or on-premises. Movaci Connect utilizes SIP-TLS to secure and encrypt all phone communication and is the perfect solution for organizations that are required to be PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant. Movaci Connect includes support for Private Extensions, Calling Queues, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Conference Bridging, Fax to E-mail support, Ring Groups, Music on Hold and Zero-Touch auto provisioning for both desk phones and soft phones.


Unifi Cloud

Movaci UniFi Cloud is a cloud-based, managed solution for centralized monitoring and the management of Ubiquiti routers, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points. Combining local network security and convenient remote access, it runs from Movaci’s Private Cloud and allows customers to access and monitor their network from any device at any location, all through just a web browser.

Microsoft Product

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Movaci offers Microsoft 365 with Home, Personal, and Business subscription options.

Microsoft 365 provides an integrated functional suite of essential business and personal applications which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. All programs are accessible on your computer, mobile devices, and even online via an Internet Browser.

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Microsoft Azure

Movaci designs, implements and maintains systems which utilize Microsoft’s Azure technologies.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud applications service platform. With many tools, applications, and frameworks to choose from, it is a versatile collection of integrated cloud services which allows web applications to be built, deployed, and managed worldwide and on-demand. Movaci assists by managing this solutions platform, providing implementation and integration which makes it possible for your organization to take advantage of the best available solutions.