Store and share your data on our secure private servers.


Movaci NextCloud puts your data at your fingertips and under your complete control.

Securely store
and share your files

NextCloud allows you to securely store and share your documents, calendar, contacts, and photos on Movaci’s private servers located both in the US and Thailand. This service includes secure, encrypted data storage, client software for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple iPhone and Android, as well as a robust, highly secure web interface where you can centrally store and manage all of your information.

Plans & Pricing

100 GB
$ 10 /MONTH
  • 1 User Accounts
  • 100GB Storage
500 GB
$ 25 /MONTH
  • 1-5 User Accounts
  • 500GB Storage
1 TB
$ 45 /MONTH
  • 1-10 User Accounts
  • 1TB Storage