Fuel pipeline cyber-attack

May 14, 2021

The ransomware cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline in the US is the latest reminder to all businesses – big or small – that IT security is a critical foundation for daily operations.

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It is now known that the cyber-attack discovered on Friday (5/7) was the work of DarkSide, a group that develops its own ransomware – software intended to steal and encrypt your data until you “pay up.”

In the case of the Colonial Pipeline, the hacker group shut down the pipeline’s operating system over the weekend, and the world has been reading about the aftermath of that attack ever since.

The question on everyone’s mind…How did it happen?

Many suggestions are floating around on the Internet, but quite frankly, the answer is that the pipeline’s security infrastructure was outdated and weak. It is clear that security was not as big of a concern for the company as it should have been.

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