Hybrid Voice over IP: The Ideal VoIP Solution

May 25, 2016

With the greater flexibility and control gained by swapping out to a fully VoIP enabled phone system, it’s no wonder why so many companies have been taking advantage the various systems on offer nowadays. When it comes to modern VoIP solutions, there are a few options and choosing the right one can be a challenging process. Depending on the requirements, budget, and current system a company has, there may be more than one attractive solution. Having a clear understanding of these factors as well as features and ease of integration of the different solutions available will allow any company, large or small, to determine the most effective choice for them.

On-Premise VoIP

On-Premise means that all the hardware and software being used to run the VoIP system resides within a company’s premises and control. While the initial expense of setting up such a system will be much greater than that of other systems, this will afford the greatest degree of control and flexibility with the system itself. This is ideal for a larger company that is either upgrading their system as a whole or perhaps installing a system in a new office and will require in house staff to setup and maintain the system. This not only adds to the cost of implementing such a system, but also adds to the ongoing budget required to maintain the day-to-day operations.

Hosted VoIP

As opposed to having all the VoIP equipment in house, a hosted VoIP solution will be owned and managed by an outside service provider. This solution works better for smaller systems with little foreseeable growth potential or companies that mostly operate virtually. While the initial setup cost of implementing this kind of solution will be relatively low, the monthly cost of running such a system may be greater in comparison to on-premise solutions depending on the size of the system needed.

Hybrid VoIP

A hybrid system combines the best of both worlds with some hardware being on-premise and some being hosted by a provider. This kind of system will integrate well with existing telephone line systems and other VoIP systems a company may already have in place and leaves plenty of room for stress-free expansion. A hybrid solution will also have a lower initial cost than a pure, on-premise system as well as requiring less cost in monthly maintenance as the service provider will be handling that aspect.

Unified Communication Server from Movaci

With its lower initial and monthly cost as well as ease of upgrading while also offering the same, feature rich solution as other available systems, It is easy to see why many companies choose a hybrid VoIP solution. With Movaci’s Unified Communication Server (UCS) Voice over IP solution, you can easily integrate your existing system or build a new system from scratch. This provides an ideal solution to meet the expectations for small companies up to large, enterprise corporations. Even a smaller organization can have the modern, cutting edge features of a corporate PBX by utilizing the affordable and customizable solutions that UCS has to offer.

To find out more about how Movaci can help you with implanting your VoIP solution, contact us today.

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