I Already Have an IT Team. Why Do I Need Managed Security?

November 1, 2019

Whether you are a General Manager, IT Manager, CIO, or even CEO, you may be wondering what you would need with outside Managed IT Security services when you already have IT staff of your own. Would hiring a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) just be redundant and a waste of money? Well, no. There are many ways that a quality MSSP can add value to your organization. Here are a few points worth considering when evaluating your company’s IT needs and resources.


While many IT professionals are very skilled and versatile in their capabilities, it is not possible for them to be specialized in every field and facet of IT; much like doctors in the medical world. An MSSP will not just have one employee specialized in IT Security, but a whole team to contribute to and back up the management of your custom security solutions. Movaci invests heavily in employee training to groom industry experts ready to lend you the right expertise for the right solutions.

Reliability and Continuity

Many firms will say “We already have a guy who is pretty good on the security side too”. We also see many firms who experience key employee turnover in this area, and who are forced to either trust new staff who are not well versed in current solutions, or to switch to solutions that the “new guy” knows. When it comes to your firm’s Digital Security, you should not have to worry about turnover and potentially inadequate knowledge transfer. As an MSSP, Movaci works with your IT staff and manages solutions that your IT operations and your whole firm can rely on long-term.


Having been in the field for years and having managed many different custom solutions for many different types of clients, MSSPs like Movaci gain invaluable knowledge from experience witnessing and successfully addressing a broad range of requirements, challenges, and threats. This wealth of experience and knowledge is applied to the design and management of the solutions we offer. It’s as if by using an MSSP like us, you are gaining the skills learned from dozens of other real-world client scenarios without having to invest the time and money to “re-invent the wheel” yourself in-house.

Cost and Capacity

Hiring IT staff is costly. Hiring specialized IT Security Staff is even more costly. Leveraging the services of an MSSP can help you reduce this cost and/or keep your staff’s work focused on what they’re best at, thereby providing you with more productive work hours spent and increased capacity.

Emergency Response

No matter how well things are managed, problems with technology systems will inevitably occur sooner or later. What determines how large of a cost these outages, interruptions, or breaches will be to your organization has a lot to do with how fast you can effectively respond. Having an MSSP like Movaci both actively monitoring and on-call adds a valuable on-demand resource for immediate crisis response and remediation, greatly reducing the risk and bottom-line cost to your organization.

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