Global Service Desk

Our worldwide service, available 24/7 for every Movaci customer.

Movaci’s Global Service Desk (GSD) is a worldwide service that is available 24/7 to every Movaci customer. Our ITIL-certified staff are qualified to support all desktop, mobile, and wireless users with any trouble or question concerning Movaci services and products. We are dedicated to significantly reducing the complexities and obstacles involved in your IT organization.

The following are primary benefits of the GSD:

global coverage
Single point of contact with Movaci’s highly qualified staff
Seamless integration with every client’s IT environment
The GSD is available for all Movaci customers.

However, priority is given to those who are tiered higher in our service plans:


access to tools and assistance that enable self-help, self-healing, and proactive problem avoidance. Level 0 tools, such as password resets, request logging and tracking, and system alerts, are accessible as well.


access to analyst-assisted logging, triage, dispatch, tracking, and problem resolution, either provided by Movaci or a referred third-party vendor.


access to Movaci staff who handle higher-level technical issues that typically cannot be resolved by the clients themselves. In addition, Movaci provides technical environment management tasks and analysis of client’s IT infrastructure.


given highest priority for rapid problem resolution. Available resources include product design, development skills and highly technical modifications.

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