Managed EDR

Keep your organization’s endpoints safe from suspicious activities.


Movaci’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solution is for the detection and investigation of suspicious activities across all endpoints in your organization.

Benefits of the Service

This service continues to rise in popularity as the preferred technology for organizations to use when creating robust security for their networks, especially when compared to traditional antivirus software. An EDR system is a must-have for all modern-day organizations who are serious about protecting their digital perimeter from ever-evolving cyber threats and security issues. The key benefits of using an EDR system are as follows:

Comprehensive Data Collecting
and Monitoring

We collect comprehensive data on potential attacks and continuously monitor all of the endpoints of your digital perimeter both online and offline. We then facilitate the collected data into investigations and incident responses. Afterward, the data remains stored on the endpoints to be used again to assess future security threats. Through this process, we gain in-depth insight and understanding into the anomalies and vulnerabilities of your network, thus allowing us to map out better strategies in the protection of your systems from cybercriminals.

Providing Real-Time Response

Our real-time response technology and systems allow us to spot potential attacks as they occur and observe while threats evolve in the network environments. This allows us to act quickly, cutting off the attack in its initial stages before it becomes a critical threat to the network. By marking suspicious and unauthorized activities on your network, we can use the data to root out the actual source of the threat, thereby enabling a better response to every situation. This is what truly separates the EDR solution from normal antivirus software.

Antivirus technology is limited in scope and ability – a single program simply does not offer the wide-range of tools and firewall options that Movaci’s EDR uses to monitor your network systems. Antivirus programs remove viruses after the fact; our EDR security system, on the other hand, keep the endpoints themselves secure, protecting against a far more varied range of digital threats. Add to that the comparison between EDR’s centralized, real-time response vs. an antivirus software’s constant attempt to catch up to the ever-expanding digital perimeters, and the difference is clear.

EDR security systems are crucial in ensuring the safety and security of the digital perimeter. They provide centralized security and continuously monitor for security threats across all the endpoints of the network. In this way, Movaci provides holistic protection to your digital network from hackers who are also growing smarter.

How does EDR work?

Movaci’s Managed EDR uses artificial intelligence to stop advanced threats and malware at the most vulnerable point – the endpoint. We monitor network and endpoint events and store the information on a centralized database for further analysis, investigation, or reporting. Powered by SentinelOne, Movaci’s EDR service provides advanced security protection by using multiple AI engines which provide complete visibility into all activity and even roll back threats with a single agent. As a result, customers gain operational efficiencies by not having to manage multiple products, technologies along with signatures, polices, and deployments.