Good Passwords are Not Good Enough! 1

Good Passwords are Not Good Enough!

Like all IT Security companies, we at Movaci train our staff and clients on effective password creation, storage, and use. Passwords which are not easy to guess and are sufficiently long with complicated characters are your first line of defense to keep your accounts secure from hackers who are after the low hanging fruit of simple passwords. However, good passwords do absolutely no good if they are discovered by hackers through more creative means. These days there are more and more ways or “attack vectors” for hackers to obtain your password without having to guess. This means that no matter how long, random, or complicated your password is, it is actually more vulnerable than ever, that is, without Multi Factor Authentication.


You have most likely encountered Multi Factor Authentication with services that require you to enter a code that they send as a message to your phone for things like verifying your account information or to confirm a payment you are making. Other forms of Multi Factor Authentication are even easier where a simple application on your phone lets you accept or reject the authentication request with one touch. This means that a hacker that gets your password would also need to have your phone and its password to gain access to an account of yours. Microsoft recently released findings that Multi Factor Authentication users are 99.9% less likely to be hacked than users who don’t.


These Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) applications and services can be setup and used with a wide variety of systems from obvious applications in banking and government accounts, all the way to logging into accounts of your service providers, social media, and even your own computer. With how easy it has become to use Multi Factor Authentication, combined with how much of our lives are now digital and open to attack, it just makes so much sense to use it for all of our accounts on all systems that support it.


Ask us at Movaci how best to implement MFA or other secure solutions for you and your organization now!

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