Microsoft Teams launches for friends and family with free all-day video calling

June 4, 2021

The latest from Microsoft is a very nice gesture to those without a Microsoft 365 subscription – Teams just became free for everyone with their personal version of the collaboration tool. With this new version, up to 300 individuals can video chat together for free for up to 24 hours per call, using most of the same features that Microsoft 365 subscribers have already enjoyed in Teams.

This goes far beyond anything the competition provides, namely Zoom or WhatsApp, which offer similar free services but for fewer people in a group chat and for less time per call. Microsoft claims that this amazing offer is in response to the current situation concerning Covid. Simply download the app to your Windows, iOS, or Android device, or use it in your browser, and you can use Teams for free. You can even share links with other people who have never used Teams before so that they can instantly join your call. Microsoft has done its best to make it as easy as possible for family and friends to connect and communicate together.

Also, don’t forget that we partner with you for all your Microsoft Solutions, so if you have questions about Teams or if you are interested in the benefits of a Microsoft 365 subscription, contact us about how we can help you. To view further information about our supporting partnership with Microsoft, check out this page on our website: Microsoft Solutions – Movaci



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