Movaci Facility Renovation 2021

May 27, 2021

Movaci is constantly expanding, both in size and scope — more staff, more resources, more technical expertise, more certifications, and more needed space.

To this end, and for the first time in 10 years, Movaci has completed a significant renovation to our headquarters office building. Already being busy and at nearly max capacity for desk space, it was a challenge to squeeze everyone into even tighter quarters, work around the ongoing construction, and maintain normal operations and service deliveries for clients. But I am proud to say that our team pulled through together as the Movaci family that we are. Now we can all benefit from the results of our mutual investment — more space, better atmosphere and more functionality.


The improved and expanded office gives us more desk workspace and dynamic areas with tools for project collaborations, training, and team building exercises. These changes ultimately benefit our clients as well because they enable us to improve the quality of our solutions and services available to them.

For Movaci, this is another step forward in our never-ending pursuit of excellence for you, our customer. We are very excited about the results of this renovation, and so we wanted to share this moment with you.

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