Movaci Success Story: Grace International School (GIS)

November 13, 2020

Grace International School (GIS) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, just recently constructed a new campus. With that monumental transition came the need to build an up-to-date tech and security system that was well-integrated into every new campus building. Jeff Prus, IT director of GIS, and his IT team had used Movaci’s services in the past, but never to the extent that they needed their help now. Additionally, the school’s budget was not an infinite resource for all the necessary servers and systems that needed to be installed.

But in Jeff’s own words, “Movaci has been super helpful. They have saved us a significant amount of money.” Movaci provided the school’s HD video security cameras system, a campus-wide wireless system, and the voice over IP phone system, to name a few of the many projects that GIS called upon Movaci to handle for them.

But more importantly, the Movaci staff has worked alongside Jeff’s IT team continuously, patiently training them in how the systems should be installed, maintained, and fixed whenever issues may arise. Movaci strives to be easily accessible to Jeff when he needs to get in contact. The staff has not hesitated to offer advice and recommendations when it’s beneficial to GIS, especially when it concerns the school’s desired budgeting.

One of those crucial financial decisions came when GIS wanted to install a Cisco solution, but considering the school’s specific needs and limited budget, Movaci suggested Ubiquiti as a more cost-affordable alternative and listed the pros and cons. In the end, Jeff followed Movaci’s advice and chose Ubiquiti instead. He has been pleased with that decision ever since.

Movaci’s personable support and responsiveness have left a lasting impression on the IT team at GIS. Jeff intends to continue using Movaci’s services, citing their English fluency, fair prices, and knowledge in all things tech as key assets that separate them from the competition. Above all, Movaci values the opportunity to keep GIS protected, up to date, and maintained on the technology front. Jeff and his IT team are delighted with the results that their business relationship with Movaci has brought them.

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