Movaci is an IT Services, Solutions, and Security company for businesses and organizations. Working with best-of-breed technologies, Movaci ensures that our solutions are both effective and appropriate for each client. Movaci’s technical team is highly trained and certified with an emphasis and focus on high quality service delivery. Our IT solutions deliver the highest level of functionality, reliability, and security to ensure the optimal outcome for our clients. Movaci’s unique approach and global experience matched with industry-leading technology are perfectly tailored to meet the ever-changing IT needs of any business.

Movaci’s product and service portfolio includes Managed IT and Security Services, Penetration Testing, Compliance Auditing, Cloud Servers, Storage, and Backups, Endpoint Protection, Firewall Solutions, Secure Email and Web Hosting, Remote Desktop Services, and comprehensive technology and security consulting services.


We at Movaci have a lot to offer any organization that uses IT in their daily operations. Here we have listed our major product and service offerings. Please let us know the product or service you find interesting so we can explain more fully what we do.

Security Services

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Movaci can be an extension of your present security operation. We will close security loopholes, make it possible to reduces security staff requirements while protecting your critical systems and infrastructure.


Professional IT Service Provider

Movaci was founded to deliver first-class IT services to companies with limited or no in-house IT department. We provide your IT so you can focus your time and efforts on your business.


Cloud Solutions

As with all our technology products and services, we make great efforts to clarify in terms everyone can understand what our IT services can mean to a business and this is especially true of our cloud computing portfolio. These solutions are designed to keep your information secure, reliable, and available at your fingertips.


Our Customers

Our company has used services from Vonage, Packet 8, and Ring Central in the past. We consistently had issues with phone quality and or dropped calls. We have been with Movaci Technology’s phone services for over a year now.

Barney Iott, GreenTent Design and Marketing

Manao Software has been a happy customer of Movaci since 2015. During that time Movaci have assisted us with networking and server configuration, and have provided an internet connection under their SmartNet product. As a company that depends on fast, stable internet, any downtime is critical for us, and we have appreciated Movaci’s quick response times and overall great support.

Christopher Mosses, Manao Software

As a counseling center, confidentiality and security are fundamental to the services we provide our clients. Movaci’s excellent service and response to our IT needs ranging from non-urgent to critical are unparalleled in our experience. Their well-trained staff have gone above and beyond to help us establish and maintain a professional setting where we can confidently provide counseling and work well as a staff. We are incredibly grateful for Movaci!

Grace Shim, Cornerstone Counseling Center


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