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IT Professional Services

Delivering first-class IT services to companies with limited to no in-house IT department.

Our clients do not need to worry about IT – that is what we are here for, and our friendly team of experts is always on hand to resolve the issues that threaten to disrupt efficiency and staff productivity. We have built our reputation on delivering best of breed technology backed by the support of a passionate team of technical staff.

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IT Security Services

Designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses and organizations.

Through a combination of on-site audits, a review your organization’s policies and procedures, and automated remote vulnerability testing, we provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current security environment and provide specific recommendations to correct any potential weaknesses that may be found.

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Cloud Solutions

Movaci’s Cloud Solutions provide you with secure and reliable tools

for your communication, organizing, and store important information.

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Hardware & Software

Movaci provides highly competitive pricing for hardware and software products from hundreds of vendors

In addition to supporting your IT management and security needs, Movaci can provide you with hardware, software, and licensing. Movaci is a vendor neutral company, which means we do not limit our clients options to specific brands or product models, rather we identify the right solution based on your needs and requirements.

Whether you need servers, workstations, laptops, WiFi access points, cameras, backup solutions, firewalls, switches, racks, or UPSs, Movaci can procure these at competitive prices and our team of engineers can install and configure them for you along with using your existing infrastructure or new infrastructure provided by us.

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For more than a decade, Movaci’s team has held the highest certifications

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