BorderGuard Unified Threat Management

BorderGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM) a security appliance designed for individual or business use. Sitting between your home or business Internet connection, BorderGuard blocks spam, spyware, viruses, adware and unwanted adult content on the network.

The term UTM is used to describe a security product which includes many features in one box, including e-mail filtering, anti-virus capability, an intrusion detection (or prevention) system (IDS or IPS), and content filtering, along with the traditional activities of a security firewall.

Connecting a network to the modern Internet has become at worst a complicated task and at best a big hassle. First, basic infrastructure is required: routers, switches, DHCP and DNS servers, etc. Next it must be secured with a firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus and antispyware software. The email server requires junk mail filters for spam and phish emails. The network will also require “locking down” with web filters and protocol filters. And, almost always, users will require secure remote access to the company network. For most companies, these tasks are too expensive and time consuming.


We believe we can offer a better way to simplify networking by consolidating network point solutions into a single platform on a single server which sits between your Internet connection and network.

BorderGuard is available in three appliance package options designed for home users, small businesses/educational facilities and the enterprise.

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