Two Factor Authentication

Movaci provides two factor authentication services through its mKey technology. The Movaci mKey is a USB device designed for secure two factor authentication to networks and services that works on multiple platforms and does not need any client software.

This revolutionary device plugs into any USB slot. With a simple touch, the mKey sends the user’s identity and a unique pass code every time it is used. Optionally, users can program the mKey to have two independent and separate configurations. For example, users can have a static password and a one-time pass code – one for a legacy system and one for a high security validation server. All in one single mKey!

Provided at unmatched price and ease of use and with an open source business model, the mKey is rapidly being adopted by enterprises, software applications and Internet services around the world.

The Internet was designed for sharing, not security. Until now, strong authentication has been too expensive and complex to reach the majority of Internet users and applications.

The mKey provides strong, easy and affordable two-factor authentication for everyone including:

  • End-users
  • Enterprises
  • Online service providers
  • Developers and system integrators
  • Media and software providers

Movaci’s hosted secure one-time-password (OTP) validation platform is included with the sale of 30 keys or more and provides a central management interface for integrating and locking end-user mKey’s.

For more information regarding the Movaci mKey please contact us.