Unified Communication Server

Movaci Unified Communication Server (UCS) is a voice over IP (VoIP), unified communication phone system solution based on Asterisk. Supporting 5 – 1000+ users Movaci UCS provides users with a leading edge and easy to use telephone system. Movaci UCS delivers all of the features that you expect from a traditional phone system and a whole lot more.

Start small and grow

You can start with a simple single office system and then expand as your business grows. Movaci UCS provides the ability create a ‘network’ of inter-connected PBXs, offers High Availability and can be supported with a defined Service Level Agreement.

VoIP and Traditional Telephone lines

Movaci UCS is a ‘hybrid’ telephone system, in that it connects equally well to traditional telephone lines (PSTN/Analog/ISDN) and VoIP. Movaci UCS gives you the best of both the old and the new, by connecting directly to your existing telephone lines whilst being fully VoIP enabled. The two technologies can be combined seamlessly to deliver the stability of traditional telephony and the costs savings of the new generation of VoIP.

Single Office

Start small and still get all of the features of our leading edge Corporate PBX. Our base package includes:

  • Voicemail
  • Conferencing
  • IVR (voice menu)
  • Phone book
  • Blind/Attended Transfers
  • Music on Hold
  • Group Pickup
  • Business Messages for Reception
  • Reporting
  • Multi-site Offices

Movaci UCS is ideal for organizations that have multiple offices. As Movaci UCS is able to operate natively over an IP network, you can easily connect one or more Movaci UCS servers using your existing WAN, Private IP network or even the Internet. Significant cost savings can be achieved by routing all inter-office calls over the corporate network. When using a Movaci UCS system across multiple sites all staff can be dialed using a three or four digit extension.

High Availability

For organizations that have mission critical telephony requirements Movaci UCS offers a High Availability option which is based on a mirror pair of PBX servers operating in an active/passive mode. Fail over typically takes less than 15 seconds.


For more information regarding Movaci’s Unified Communication Server please contact us.