Consulting Services

Movaci provides technology consultants on a contract basis for both short and long term projects. Our constant recruiting and rigorous screening process enables us to provide you with qualified professionals for your specific project needs.

Movaci supplements your internal technical resources with the expertise of our consultants. As a result, clients realize cost savings, flexible resource allocation and immediate productivity enhancements.

Cost Savings

By staffing only for your current needs, you keep long-term technology development and support expenses in check.

Flexible Resource Allocation

With our experienced consultants, you can select the specific skill sets that best meet your objectives, and then allocate your internal resources where they are most needed and most effective. The end result is optimized productivity.


Immediate Productivity

Depending on the project at hand, your staff may need additional expertise on new technologies or platforms. Utilizing Movaci’s consultants who already have knowledge and experience with your particular tools and equipment means that you can move ahead rapidly and meet aggressive project targets.

Our consultants help you achieve your project objectives through the appropriate use and implementation of technology, including:

  • Cisco Certified Network Engineers
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineers
  • Certified Information Security Associates
  • Business Analysis Specialists
  • Collaboration Portal Specialists

Movaci knows the importance of providing our consultants with ongoing education. Our commitment to training translates to technically superior consultants which in turn enables us to offer exemplary solutions for our customers.

For more information regarding Movaci’s Consulting Services please contact us.