Managed IT Services

Instead of organizations draining internal resources on IT maintenance, our services can fill that role.

What are the benefits of Managed IT Services?

Movaci’s Managed IT services scale to meet the needs of your growing business. Our end-to-end IT management services include expert-level Strategic Consulting, on-site or remote IT Management services, 24×7 remote Global Help Desk support, Cloud-based tools and technologies, and Information Security solutions. Let Movaci help your business grow through our industry-leading managed IT support Services.

Predictable Costs for IT Management Services

A simple, firm-fixed managed services pricing agreement, with no term commitment required.

Continuous Process Improvement

Profit from the Movaci CPI model based on ITIL® – the technology industry’s leading service framework.

24x7x365 Support

Receive access to our IT help desk staffed with certified professionals whenever needed as part of our comprehensive managed IT services.

A Suite of Must-Have Cloud Tools

Leverage managed cloud solutions with remote monitoring technologies to provide problem recognition and diagnosis quickly and efficiently.

Flexibility to Scale Up or Down

Plans allow you to change your IT managed services based on your user count and infrastructure.

Fully Managed or Co-Managed

You choose! Leave all your IT challenges to us, or we can work right alongside you and your IT team.

Access to Certified Professionals

Gain access to a team of certified engineers, subject matter experts, and support staff skilled in nearly every business technology on the market today.

What you receive

as a Managed Services Client
Managed IT Services 1

IT management & support

End-to-end IT management and support for all covered technologies

Managed IT Services 2

Global Service Desk

24×7 access to our Global Service Desk

Managed IT Services 3

Team of Professionals

A team of highly experienced, certified professionals, subject matter experts, account management specialists

Managed IT Services 4


Our Managed Services solutions at

Network & IT
Infrastructure is the backbone of your business

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, your network and IT infrastructure serves as the backbone of your entire business operations — and its health and security are critical to your strategy, growth, and success.

Managed IT Services 5

It is for this reason that Managed IT services are one of the most important factors in business development. Movaci managed IT services provide you with end-to-end IT management and support for all covered technologies (e.g., computers, laptops, tablets, BYOD devices, servers, printers, network
devices, cloud technologies) so you can stay on top of your game, building a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

With every Managed Services plan, you receive a team of highly experienced, certified professionals, subject matter experts, account management specialists, and 24×7 access to our Global Service Desk. Also included with our Managed Services solutions is my.Movaci, providing you with on-the-go, direct access to our Global Service Desk to resolve your technical issues quickly and efficiently.

Movaci Managed Online Backup

The last line of defense in the ability to successfully recover from a breach relies on your ability to restore your data backups. Having consistent and timely backups of your critical infrastructure stored at an offsite facility is a great way to ensure you are prepared to recover from almost any incident.

With Movaci Managed Online Backup, your business receives managed remote data backups with the added feature of encryption to ensure your data is protected. Our Secure MOB includes:

Fully managed backup solution with 24×7 monitoring and support

Advanced recovery to restore directly to any platform, hardware, or virtual instance

Secure replication of data to the Movaci’s cloud ensures two copies of backups at all times

Encryption of your backed-up data

Looking For Other Remediation Options?

Contact us today to learn more about the other remediation services we provide, such as:

Security Engineering

Network/Endpoint Security Architecture

Security Operations Center (SOC) Assessments

Access Control/Group Policy Object (GPO) hardening

Patching of Rogue Applications

Log Management and Review

Support Services

To compliment your information security services, we also provide managed IT services that offer a variety of packages for proactive maintenance.