Project Description

Cloud Solutions

Movaci’s Cloud Solutions provide you with secure and reliable tools to communicate, organize, and store your important information.

Personal Cloud

Our Personal Cloud package is designed for individuals, non-profit organizations, and small businesses to securely store and access their files online. It allows for sharing and collaboration between authorized users.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud package is a service we provide for companies and organizations that require their own private online environment for company-wide file storage and sharing solution.

Microsoft Product

Movaci is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner! As such we are expertly qualified to recommend, source, and implement the correct Microsoft applications to fit your needs.


Clients using Movaci’s Connect services take full advantage of the global accessibility and cost savings of VoIP technology. Movaci Connect provides the client with a complete phone system that delivers a secure connection for phone extensions and mobile devices using internet connectivity and normal phone numbers.

Secure Email

Movaci Secure Email is a comprehensive secure email communication solution for individuals and organizations. Our secure email services provide you with complete privacy protection through the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) which encrypts your emails in transit, as well as a two-layer spam and antivirus filter which guards your mailbox.

SafeNet VPN

Movaci SafeNet offers end-to-end secure Internet access with real-time communication security. The latest in cutting-edge secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology can provide you with a fast, secure channel of communications no matter where you are. SafeNet is specially designed for individuals who access the Internet from unsecure connections such as public Wi-Fi or from countries with restrictive Internet filtering systems. SafeNet provides a secure, hidden VPN tunnel between your computer and our secure servers located in Asia, Europe and the US.

Secure Hosting

Movaci supplies Secure Web Hosting services from our global data centers. Our secure web hosting services are designed for individuals and organizations that desire a public website and email system that is protection-focused. Movaci’s highly secure servers are PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant and follow strict data management, isolation and encryption protocols to keep your website spam- and virus-free and constantly online.

MetroNet Fibre

Movaci MetroNet delivers secure high-speed fiber, satellite, wireless, and Ethernet-based Internet access in partnership with our global connectivity providers. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Movaci MetroNet provides you with the highest possible quality of Internet connectivity. It was designed and is supported by Movaci’s technical team.

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