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Security Services

Movaci Security and Compliance Services are specially designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. After on-site audits, a review of organizational policies and procedures, and automated remote vulnerability testing, we provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current security environment. In addition, we will offer specific recommendations to correct any potential weaknesses that are found.


Movaci provides security auditing services for a wide range of IT systems. These services enable our clients to verify correct systems management as well as identify potential security problems that need to be addressed and how to do so.

We analyze the safeguards already in place in your network from an expert’s perspective and identify how they are configured. As a minimum, we suggest quarterly network scans to identify any new potential vulnerability.

This is an assessment of the critical aspects of how security is implemented and enforced by your internal network and server systems.

Security policies and procedures are a required foundation for a secure network. Content, communication, and enforcement are keys to maintaining an effective security program.

The audit report is a collective summary of how your network is currently operating, elements that may be at risk, and where improvements need to be made.


“Compliance” in terms of Information and Technology systems refers to a specific official set of standards that must be met, maintained, and verified. Common compliance standards include PCI, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Businesses and organizations must not only have systems in place that meet these stringent requirements, but also provide documented evidence to be submitted and approved by the certifying authorities. Movaci’s clients can rely on us to provide them with consulting on these issues. We investigate and document compliance and provide the security engineering services needed to get “up to code”. We do whatever is required to ensure that you pass your compliance certification and can continue your operations without interruption or headaches.


BorderGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a security appliance designed for individual or business use. Sitting between your home or business Internet connection, BorderGuard blocks spam, spyware, viruses, adware and unwanted adult content on your network.

Risk Intelligence

Even the most successful person can be unaware of the areas of their business which are vulnerable and at risk of compromise. Many otherwise brilliant businessmen do not fully comprehend the possibly devastating consequences caused by security breaches.

However, Movaci’s Risk Intelligence Services can provide you intuitive assessments through scans that dig deeply into your systems. We not only identify which systems and information are at risk, but also calculate the potential cost to your business of losses should those systems become compromised. By revealing potential problems and providing key information in areas of vulnerability, Risk Intelligence enables management to be proactive instead of reactive when dealing with threats. The costs resulting from unresolved security hazards can be enormous both financially and in customer trust.

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