Rest in peace Windows Server 2003 1

Rest in peace Windows Server 2003

Microsoft’s support of Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14th 2015. Like every Windows product with a lifecycle, end of support or end of life means patches, security updates, specific product information and technical support from Microsoft will cease to exist.

So what does it mean if you’re out of compliance?

One thing to consider are your business relationships. Running on non-compliant servers after July 15th puts not just you, but your employees, vendors, and business partners in danger. Many companies, including Visa and Master Card, will not do business with you if you can’t pass a compliance audit.

Non-compliance could also mean having to pay high penalties and transaction fees for not meeting key regulatory and industry standards. By not upgrading, you could actually end up spending more for intrusion detection systems, advanced firewalls, network segmentation, and other security measures… all to simply isolate your Windows 2003 servers. Why risk it and pay more?

Movaci has helped many clients migrate, and we can help you too. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about an upgrade solution best suited for your business needs.

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