Security for Telegram

October 26, 2020

Recently, many in the general the public as well as several high profile individuals using the secure messaging platform Telegram have seemingly been “hacked”. Telegram’s messaging service remains one of the most secure as it employs end-to-end, client-to-client encryption, so there is no middlemen or central system that can decrypt the messages. The so-called “hack” that is allowing hackers to access clients’ accounts and messages is taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the cellular “SS7” network (outside of Telegram) to grab SMS data. This SMS data contains verification codes sent to Telegram users to authorize account access given to new or additional devices to use the account at the same time as their own devices. When this SMS data is intercepted, the hackers can use it to access your account on their devices and see all your Telegram messaging and file sharing history, unless…

Thankfully, Telegram has long-since identified this threat and has already provided a defense against it. Follow the steps below to add an additional “Two-Step Verification” password to your account as well as check and control which devices currently have access to your account

To keep your account and information secure, we also recommend taking as many of the following additional security measures as possible:

  1. Use a Passcode Lock or Face ID for all devices you are using Telegram on.
  2. Always keep the Telegram app up to date on all devices.
  3. Disable “Automatic Media Download” in “Data and Storage” so that sensitive data is not stored on all devices, and to keep malicious servers from gaining access to your IP address.
  4. Set to automatically delete your account if there is no activity for 1, 3, or 6 months or a year in “Privacy and Security”.
  5. Restrict who can see your phone number to only contacts or nobody in “Privacy and Security”.
  6. Use “Secret Chats” for person to person communication whenever possible or appropriate.

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