IT Security Assessments

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IT Security Assessments

To enhance your security posture, you need a transparent view of your organization. You cannot protect what you can’t see.

Our security vulnerability assessments and network penetration testing provide the transparency your business needs to determine your current security baseline with key, actionable recommendations to harden your security posture. Learn more about our assessments below to find out which one is right for your business.

Security Gap Assessment

Our Security Gap Assessment provides your business with an in-depth look at your current security posture, and provides a customized strategic roadmap comprised of short- and long-term milestones, as well as a plan of action to achieve your security goals.

Conducted by certified security professionals, this comprehensive assessment evaluates your environment based on 23 unique points of inspection across 5 holistic categories.

  1. Initial baseline of your information security landscape tailored to your business requirements and objectives
  2. Evaluation of core infrastructure’s susceptibility to external access or disruption
  3. Comparison of how your environment stacks up with your industry’s standards and best practices
  4. Results of a personally identifiable information (PII) scan
  5. Numerical security maturity scores
  6. Prioritized recommendations and roadmap for success

Vulnerability Assessment

Enhanced transparency into the internal and external perimeters of your network is critical in determining where your security needs to be strengthened. With our Vulnerability Assessment, you receive a valuable baseline for determining appropriate defenses and remediation activities to further secure your network, as well as a customized report outlining key actions.

Our certified virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO) and security analysts follow comprehensive vulnerability assessment steps that:

  1. Scan for external and internal vulnerabilities
  2. Perform a firewall security audit
  3. Perform system patch audits
  4. Compare results to system hardening benchmarks
  5. Use the industry-standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for comparison

Penetration Testing

Movaci offers Security Penetration Testing to assist your business in finding vulnerabilities that an attack could exploit to either gain control of your network or obtain sensitive information.

During a security penetration test, our security analysts combine both manual and automated techniques to ensure your sensitive data is protected and compliance requirements are met. After the test, we provide a comprehensive report detailing our results and insight on how to better secure your business against real-life attacks.

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White Box Testing

We have full access to your infrastructure when testing. This type of testing will simulate an attacker who has been collecting information about your company and may have gained access through many methods including an undisclosed or new and unpatched (zero-day) vulnerability. This test will highlight weaknesses in your defense in depth strategy, monitoring systems, patching policies, and system/networking configurations.

Gray Box Testing

We have partial knowledge of your infrastructure when testing. Grey box testing is a hybrid approach to the white box and black box testing paradigms. This testing simulates a threat that has gathered information about your company and network that can be assumed to be acquired by an attacker with a moderate skill set and time. This test will highlight weaknesses in your defense in depth strategy, perimeter security, and information leakage.

Black Box Testing

We test your network without having any knowledge of your IT. Infrastructure Black box testing allows us to simulate a threat that has little information regarding your business and infrastructure. This testing highlights what information a company is unintentionally leaking which would allow an attacker to map and attack the target network.

Perimeter Edge Assessment

Just like locking windows and doors to protect your home, securing your network perimeter is a key measure to guard your network from outside intruders.

Our Perimeter Edge Assessment is designed to help you better understand your threat landscape and how to secure your firewall. This assessment scans your externally accessible technology firewall as it relates to current industry best practices and known threats.

From this data, we create a customized report for your business that includes:

  1. Overview of key findings
  2. External vulnerability scan
  3. Firewall security audit

Looking for Other Tests and Audits?

Contact us today to learn more about the other types of tests and audits we provide, such as:

Policy Gap Assessments
Technical use case Compliance Assessments (e.g., HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST 800-171)
PII Assessments