Service Level Agreements

Managed Security Services Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

Non-Intrusive Assessments

Securing the effective barriers between your business and threats to ensure its safety and resilience for years to come.

Do you want to make sure and feel more confident that your organization is secured? With our end-to-end advisory, protection, and monitoring services, we proactively detect and prevent potential threats before they reach your network. With cyber threats on the rise, it is more important than ever to protect your organization and maintain regulatory compliance to ensure business continuity. Movaci protects against threats and prevents breaches that can severely damage your business, reputation, employees, clients, and assets.

Movaci’s Full Assessment Reports include:

Managed Security Services

The security threat landscape is ever-changing, and your business needs to be protected around the clock. Movaci offers a full suite of managed security services to give you peace of mind, and ensure your business is protected and monitored 24×7.

24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our Security Operations Center operates 24×7 so your business remains safe day or night. Our team of certified analysts perform real-time analysis and verification of log and network traffic to validate alarms and follow the appropriate incident response procedures in the event of an incident.

Security Information and Event Management

We utilize our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool to provide monitoring and real-time alerts. More comprehensive than a typical monitoring tool, our SIEM tool is a monitoring and intelligence gathering engine that compares your IT environment activity to an established baseline generated by threats across the world. SIEM tool management includes the installation, configuration, and health/availability monitoring of hardware or software that deliver security controls.

Other features that are available to your business at no extra cost through our Unified Security Management platform include:

Centralized log management
Active/passive asset discovery
Threat intelligence
Correlation engine
Anomaly detection
File integrity
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Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your most valuable asset, but they are also your most vulnerable. Protecting and educating your employees to harden the “human firewall” is a crucial part in defending against external threats and securing your business assets, whether that’s  company proprietary information or customer data.

To protect your business from accidental risk, Movaci offers a wide variety of information security awareness training to educate your team on the importance of taking proactive steps to prevent exposing your data to external threats such as malware, ransomware, cryptolocker, and phishing.

Our training services can be customized to your organization and include options for:

Onsite training
Computer-based training
Phishing or targeted spear-phishing campaigns
Additional As-A-Service training

Advanced End-Point Detection and Response

The latest phishing and ransomware threats require the latest behavior-based advanced end-point protection. Traditional anti-virus relies on virus signatures, making it difficult to identify the newer, more sophisticated malware and threats designed to ‘outsmart’ the common anti-virus models.

Movaci’s Advanced End-Point Protection and Response Services are more advanced than traditional signature-based anti-virus and take a behavioral approach to malware detection. We can detect newer threats in real-time.

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To protect your business, our service:

Leverages powerful, behavior-based threat detection to protect data from advanced malware, sophisticated exploits, and script-based attacks
Tracks and eliminates threats in real-time
Provides threat visibility at a minimum system impact
Sets policies to automatically kill and quarantine malicious processes and contain infected endpoints
Allows for reversal of system setting and file corruption

Data Loss Prevention

It’s your data- keep it that way. Data Loss Prevention is an approach used to classify data and reduce the likelihood of data leaving your organization.

Movaci works with your business to ensure you understand the value of your data and how to protect it. We help you determine factors that may put your data at risk and design a comprehensive solution to ensure you are following industry best practices, meeting compliance requirements, and creating policies to ensure your data stays within your organization.