SSL Basics & Why You Need It Now

February 11, 2017

For many end users and even organizations, what SSL does and what and how it protects remains a mystery. You see the little padlock icon next to the URL and know that is a good thing. It means everything is nice and secure and no one will be stealing your data. Right? Well, possibly.

So what is SSL exactly and how is it going to help me protect my data?

The acronym SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a protocol that is used to encrypt communication between end users and web servers. The most important function of SSL is to prevent malicious hackers from intercepting data packets as they travel to and from servers. These data packets may contain user details such as login credentials or other sensitive information which can then be used by the hacker to defraud the company or the user or perhaps both.

Utilizing SSL will prevent this from happening as the data is encrypted and unreadable by the hacker. Surely there are other methods for such individuals with malicious intent to attack your data, but having SSL eliminates an often exploited backdoor into your system’s data.

Even if you don’t consider the risk of your data being compromised to be a significant threat, the risk of your individual end user’s data being compromised is no trivial matter. If for instance your users’ login credentials are acquired by a 3rd party, this data could be used to gain access to other accounts in possession of the users such as bank accounts which can wreak undue havoc upon your hapless user base. With the common practice of re-using passwords across multiple accounts, this is a very real threat.

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