Movaci Success Story: Cornerstone Counseling Foundation (CCF)

December 15, 2020

Grace Shim, executive director at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation (CCF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is very grateful for the long-term relationship between CCF and Movaci.

As she put it, “When we work with clients, we stress the importance of trust in a relationship. A basic human question is ‘Can I depend on you?’ We are grateful for the relationship of security we have with Movaci because we can depend on them.”

For more than a decade, Movaci has provided the design, implementation, management, and security for Cornerstone’s IT systems. With so many clients’ sensitive and personal data in their databases, CCF has the daunting task of guaranteeing that there will be no breach of privacy and confidentiality. Trust between the counselors and their clients is an all-important factor for Cornerstone.

Grace recalls two recent ways in which Movaci has helped CCF the most in this regard. In 2019, Movaci provided training to CCF’s staff on data security and awareness to support Cornerstone’s commitment to be HIPAA compliant. This means that all personnel must meet the standards described in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for protecting the clients’ PHI (protected health information). To this day, Movaci continues to provide the security infrastructure to help them pursue this standard.

This year, when COVID-19 made in-person counseling sessions impossible, Movaci’s team upgraded the internet system and equipment in order to accommodate the needed transition to tele-mental health care. This change in adjusting to online care came with a considerable amount of extra security measures that needed to be in place. Still, in Grace’s own words, “Movaci is ‘up all night,’ watching over our data, troubleshooting as needed, which makes our job easier and makes our clients feel secure that they can trust us with their data.”

Grace is very thankful to Movaci for the services they have provided Cornerstone. “They treat us with care. Genuine care. They are available, accessible, and engaging at all times, and they always show respect for our work and toward our staff.”

It is this relationship of trust and respect that separates Movaci from other IT companies. The Movaci team are passionate about supporting their clients’ work, and they offer that support with a high standard of excellence. Movaci truly provides security that you can depend on at all times.

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