Survive 2020 to Thrive 2021

February 23, 2021

Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any specific community, individual, or business that was not affected in some way by the pandemic and related events of 2020. I’m sure there must be some remote tribe somewhere so isolated that they never felt any effects from COVID and the ensuing economic upheaval. Some of us were affected more than others, both in positive and negative ways. Movaci has been fortunate in that the effects we experienced were a mix of new challenges and opportunities for us.

So, what were the challenges? As a global IT Managed Services and Security Provider (MSP, MSSP), most of our work is already done remotely. However, international travel and in-person meetings, networking, and consultations play a significant role in communicating and delivering value to existing and potential new clients. Luckily, both our clients and we were (and still are) in the same boat with measures such as quarantining, travel restrictions, and work-from-home lockdowns, establishing a mutual understanding and cooperation in efforts to work through these new and shared obstacles. Other challenges include clients whose businesses were hit so badly that they had to reduce, suspend, or even cancel Movaci services. As with many companies, Movaci also had to implement sanitization, distancing, and temperature checking measures and work from home during lockdown for some time, all of which affected operations. I am proud to say that, though it was difficult, our team was able to continue to serve our clients to maintain their IT “backbone,” which is a service more critical now than ever before. We did well in enabling our clients’ own efforts to adapt and survive.

“But what were the opportunities?” you may ask. As hinted above, IT communication and collaboration tools, infrastructure, and security became more critical virtually overnight to so many organizations worldwide when distancing and lockdown procedures took place. Movaci was already offering the solutions and services that suddenly became crucial to every business, so we were there to immediately implement and tweak solutions based on the individual needs of our existing clients and the influx of new clients. Besides the apparent luck of being in the right field and offering the right services at the right time, Movaci also took time to develop its human capital. Valuable IT industry certifications in technologies and methodologies (as well as other expertise and soft skills learned via LinkedIn Learning and other online platforms) were things that we invested in between service demand peaks.

Though we are still dealing with the pandemic’s challenges, and many clients are still fighting to get back on their feet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, the title I have given this month’s In Review article. Now, at the beginning of 2021, Movaci, both as a company and a team, are even more prepared to address our clients’ needs and the market at large. We have overcome the obstacles of 2020 and, therefore, have high hopes for the growth we will see in the months to come.


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