Better, Faster TLS Security

October 7, 2018

Good News, Everyone! Your internet browsing, instant messaging, email, and VoIP are all getting faster and more secure! That is, if your online services are using the newest version of TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol released this year. TLS 1.3 (the newest version) is basically a new and improved code of instructions to sure-up weak spots in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communications. Methods that hackers can use to steal your information can now be sealed up by using this new protocol.

Does this mean you need to buy new SSL Certificates?  No!  Thankfully the new TLS 1.3 is compatible with current SSL Certificates and is ready to be used. What must be done is to make the necessary upgrades to the servers and websites that host your online and communication services and the applications that deliver them (browsers, smartphone apps, etc.). So take care to make sure your systems are upgraded and updated ASAP, and when shopping for online and communications services, make sure they are using TLS 1.3!

If you are unsure how to check or upgrade your online services or applications, contact Movaci for a free estimate.

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