Training Services

Microsoft Certified Training

With staff who are Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT), Movaci offers trainings in Microsoft technologies from simple applications management up through server and cloud administration at our offices or on-site at your facility.

CompTIA Certified Training

Basic up through advanced level CompTIA training courses are available for you and your staff to expand your own capabilities and add value to your organization.

ITIL Axelos Training

Movaci organizes ITIL Axelos trainings for the teaching of this valuable framework of IT Service Management. The ITIL framework enables directors, managers, and IT professionals to understand the fundamentals of how IT Services are best organized and implemented, improving, among many things, accountability, communication, and efficiency.

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HIPAA Training

What should be included in the security awareness and training program will depend on the functions or role of each individual employee, manager, volunteer, trainee or contractor who may have contact with PHI or ePHI. In many cases it will be necessary to compile multiple security awareness and training programs to ensure their content is relevant to trainees.

This may be time-consuming and resource intensive; but, in order for training to be effective, it has to be focused. If an attempt is made to cram every element of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules into a six-hour training session, trainees will have too much information to absorb the relevance of HIPAA to their roles and the objectives of the HIPAA training will be unsuccessful.

Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your most valuable asset, but they are also your most vulnerable.

Protecting and educating your employees to harden the “human firewall” is a crucial part in defending against external threats and securing your business assets, whether that’s company proprietary information or customer data.

To protect your business from accidental risk, Movaci offers a wide variety of information security awareness training offerings to educate your team on the importance of taking proactive steps to prevent exposing your data to external threats such as malware, ransomware, cryptolocker, and phishing. Our training services can be customized to your organization and include options for:

Onsite training
Computer-based training
Phishing or targeted spear-phishing campaigns
Additional As-A-Service training
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