'; '; '; The Unshakeable - Business Checklist from Movaci

The Unshakeable - Business Checklist from Movaci

Your business is more than products or service, it enables your team members to live the life they want, by answering the needs of your target market.  

But business-crippling disaster can strike in any form, at any time.  

93 percent of companies that lose data access for 10 days or more due to a disaster file for bankruptcy within a year, according to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington.  

Your business faces multiple threats to its ongoing productivity and profitability, from server crashes to cyber-attacks, outages or internet downtime to staff changeover. 

Therefore, you need an actionable plan that can be instantly implemented to ensure nothing shakes your business operations and profitability.   

Enter our Unshakeable Business Checklist, a document strategically developed by our IT Security experts which minimizes or negates downtime for our clients, and now shared with you to keep your business running, no matter what the world throws at it.  

This checklist provides a comprehensive guide and strategy the help you avoid financial loss and ensure your company can: 

  • Minimize risk. Before you create a disaster recovery plan, perform a risk assessment to uncover vulnerabilities in your current system. 
  • Resume operations quickly. Your systems need to be available to you and your customers as soon as possible. Your plan should include solutions for accessing the system without needing physical access — such as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and redundant data storage that can be accessed anywhere. 
  • Maintain industry compliance. Depending on your industry, you likely have specific regulations to uphold. Your disaster recovery plan should reduce your risk of incurring penalties for failing to meet compliance obligations. 
  • Address concerns of employees, owners and investors. Your disaster recovery plan should help business leaders, owners, employees and investors feel at ease knowing your company is secure. Write down the top concerns from each of these groups so you know which liabilities need to be addressed if a disaster occurs. 

Download the recovery plan checklist.

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